some research highlights (last 5 years)...

Noise and cell-cell communication in bacteria: Dynamics of the Quorum Sensing Switch: Stochastic and Non-stationary Effects, M. Weber and J. Buceta*, BMC Systems Biology 7, 1-15, 2013.

Developmental switches and differentiation: Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Switches the Mode of Division in the Developing Nervous System, M. Saade, I. Gutierrez-Vallejo, G. Le Dreau, M.A. Rabadan, D.G. Miguez, J. Buceta*, and E. Marti*, Cell Reports 4, 1, 2013.

synthetic biology designs: The Cellular Ising Model: a Framework for Phase Transitions in Multicellular Environments, M. Weber and J. Buceta*, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13, 1, 2016 (cover).

Developmental patterning and noise: Finite Cell-Size Effects on Protein Variability in Turing Patterned Tissues, J. Buceta*, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14, 20170316, 2017.

Virus spreading by enviroclimatic cues: A Predictive Spatial Distribution Framework for Filovirus-Infected Fruit Bats, G. Fiorillo, P. Bocchini*, and J. Buceta*, Nature Scientific Reports 8, 7970, 2018 (media coverage).

Size homeostasis in bacteria: A Markovian Approach Towards Bacterial Cell Size and Homeostasis in Anomalous Growth Processes, Y. Chen and J. Buceta* , Nature Scientific Reports 8, 9612, 2018.

Morphogenesis and novel 3d cellular shapes: Scutoids are a Geometrical Solution to 3D Packing of Epithelia, P. Gómez-Gálvez, P. Vicente-Munuera, A. Tagua, C. Forja, A.M. Castro, M. Letrán, A. Valencia-Expósito, C. Grima, M. Bermúdez-Gallardo, Ó. Serrano-Pérez-Higueras, F. Cavodeassi, S. Sotillos, M.D. Martín-Bermudo, A. Márquez, J. Buceta*, and L.M. Escudero*,  Nature Communications 9, 2960, 2018 (media coverage).

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* : Corresponding Author