What do we do?...

Our work focuses on computational, theoretical, and experimental approaches for understanding biological systems. Some people would call our research systems biology or biophysics or computational biology...

The nickname of the group: The.Si.M.Bio.Sys. (Theoretical and In Silico Modeling of Biological Systems) does not reflect at this point all our research since years ago I also started a experimental line in prokaryotes. Anyway...i like the nickname!

Our topics of interest cover quite different scales in time and space:

‣Cell Size Regulation in Rod-Shape Bacteria

‣Developmental Processes

‣Gene Regulatory Networks

‣Quorum Sensing

‣Pattern formation

‣Disease Spreading

Who are we?...

‣Javier Buceta (P.I.)

‣Samira Ambari (graduate, PhD: ChemE)

‣Yanyan Chen (graduate, PhD: BioE)

‣Tom Dato (undergraduate)

‣Shawn Henry (undergraduate)

‣Lindsay slavit (undergraduate)

Abridged Bio (Javier Buceta)

I graduated in Physics (M.Sc. Fundamental Physics). In addition, I have a M.Sc. degree as Computer Analyst. During my Ph.D. thesis (Physics), I researched on pattern formation, molecular motors, interfacial dynamics, and phase transitions.

Afterwards, I moved to the University of California San Diego, Dept. of Chem. and Biochem. and the Institute for Nonlinear Science as a postdoc where I joined Prof. Lindenberg’s group and worked on different topics (pattern formation, disease spreading, tumor growth...). Later, I got a grant from La Jolla Interfaces in Science/Centre for Theoretical Biological Physics programme to conduct research on ‘Left-Right Symmetry Breaking in Embryo Development’ at Salk Institute for Biological Studies/UCSD.

In November 2004 I moved to the Barcelona Science Park as a P.I. (“Ramón y Cajal” fellow). Later, in 2014, I accepted a position as Associate Professor at Lehigh (Bioengineering Dpt. and Dpt. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) where I was the founding D.T. & W.E. Schiesser Faculty Fellow.

Buceta’s Lab